Oakley Neighborhood

Located on the eastern side of Cincinnati, Oakley is six miles from downtown. Bordered by the neighborhoods of Madisonville, Pleasant Ridge, and Hyde Park. Oakley has a village feel and a historical touch.

Aptly named for its Oak Trees, the Oakley neighborhood is known for its restaurants, retail, and parks. Also, Oakley offers all the significant life necessities you would find in a major city. Additionally, from May to October, the community holds Oakley After Hours on the second Friday of each month. During the event, Oakley stores and restaurants extend their business hours and offer dining, sales, drink specials, and live music.

This pedestrian-friendly area has approximately 12,000 people and is ranked #2 Best Neighborhood in Cincinnati and #4 Best Place to Raise a Family in Cincinnati by Niche Magazine. The public school system consistently ranks above the average for Ohio. The median home value is $244,000, and the median household income is $77,000. The crime rate is 33% below the national average.

Oakley is a highly livable area with an outstanding balance between residential and business. If you want to see homes for sale in Oakley and other neighborhoods in the Cincinnati area, please visit Drake & Madison’s listings.


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